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Now is the time for incorporation

February 7, 2013 · Updated 3:26 PM

The Executive Board of the KitsapCounty Republican Party voted on Monday to endorse the proposed incorporation of Silverdale. The KCRP has released the followingstatement to accompany its decision:

There comes a time in the development of every community whenit must stand up and take charge of its own affairs. The residentsof the proposed city of Silverdale have been asked to decide if thattime is now.

With the expansion of the military facilities, the arrival of the KitsapMall, and the increase in population, Silverdale has grown tobecome the commercial hub of both Kitsap County and much of thenorthern Olympic Peninsula. Silverdale has outgrown county-levelgovernance. It has the population, the density and the tax base tobecome a city.

Opponents of this proposed incorporation have raised validconcerns, but they miss the critical opportunity -- allowing the people of Silverdale to determine their own zoning and permittingpolicies; make road and transportation decisions; deal with theirspecific public safety and fire protection requirements. Tax-creepand wasteful spending are certainly possible, and it will be the dutyof the Silverdale electorate to monitor and influence their electeds.

Henry David Thoreau’s important words apply here: “Thatgovernment is best which governs least”. If those elected to manage the affairs of the new city should fail to exercise properrestraint, they should be voted out.

Government is most responsive, most accountable and mostaccessible when it is closest to the people. The incorporation ofSilverdale allows the residents thereof to control their government,to shape their own community, perhaps to reduce the tax andregulatory yoke of Kitsap County and to determine their own future. Silverdale has grown up, and it is time for the people of Silverdaleto take the reins in self-governance.

The Kitsap County Republican Party stands for small, accessibleand accountable government, local control, abundant opportunityand individual freedom. In accordance with these basic principles,the Kitsap County Republican Party does hereby declare oursupport for the proposed incorporation of Silverdale, and we call forthe residents of the proposed city to be an educated and vigilantelectorate.

Chris Tibbs, Chairman



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