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Letters - Nov. 12, 2010


Nuclear weapon stockpiles are a bipartisan issue

It is time for the Senate to work to cut bloated nuclear stockpiles and restore inspections of Russia’s nuclear arsenal by approving the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Since it was signed in April, a vast array of experts — Republicans and Democrats alike — have lined up in favor of the treaty. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has noted that New START has “the unanimous support of America’s military leadership.”

Treaties require careful consideration, but at this point senators have all the information necessary to reach a decision on New START. The Senate has held 21 hearings and briefings on the treaty and the White House formally answered more than 900 questions from senators. In September, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recommended ratification with a strong and increasingly rare bipartisan vote of 14-4.

Without New START, our vital verification efforts on Russia’s nuclear weapons are limited. We need New START to make our country safer and more secure.

Let’s put politics aside and national security first by ratifying the treaty this year. Contact Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to urge them to push vigorously for this common-sense measure to increase our national security.

Brian Watson


Election 2010

Thank you voters of the 23rd

Thank you so much for having faith in me and validating that you and I share the same values. I am humbled and honored to go back to the Legislature.

I intend to stay true to our values of protecting the most vulnerable, especially our children, the elderly and the mentally and physically disabled. The easy way out is to cut these people out of the budget, but in the long run it will cost each of us more - ERs will be full, jails will be full, a place where not only offenders reside but the mentally ill. As Medicaid cuts are taken, we will see nursing homes not be able to keep up with those needs, subsidized childcare will go away and hurt those who are working to try to get on their own two feet.

We know that some programs need to be cut, but since we have heard “prioritize government” so much, what is someone’s life worth, or their child’s, or their parents? In times of crisis people need more services, not less. Our schools will suffer as well, and higher education will be cut or tuition raised. This will be an “all-cuts budget” and I am so glad and so grateful that you have sent me back, to try to protect programs that serve our citizens.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

State Rep. Sherry Appleton

Democrat, Poulsbo

Olsen campaign stands down, for now

Now in the campaign demobilization phase with “Olsen” campaign signs gathered and bundled for 2012 action, thank yous and observations are in order. Notwithstanding a momentous national conservative-political sea-change, the Kitsap voters have opted for the Democrat-incumbent option. Undaunted, I am positive and ready for the re-engagement.

I am deeply honored to have been a candidate in the sacred rites of Democracy. I can confirm that all the bromides about political campaigns bringing out the best and worst in people are true although perhaps understated. I have learned hard lessons from this skirmish but the bigger battle gathers. However, on the positive side I was touched and inspired by my interactions with my fellow voters at the parades, fairs, forums, TV/radio appearances and our door-step talks. I heard your concerns and dreams for Washington state.

My central philosophical thesis was -- and remains -- that Washington State is in the throes of a dangerous and dire fiscal crisis ($4.8 billion entering 2011 budget shortfall). I call for a stem-to-stern “streamlining” analysis of all state agencies and their core functions. Unless and until such a pro-active step is taken, we will see campaign happy-thought promises revealed as vacuous and doomed to failure. More government is not the answer, never was and never will be. I will champion the creation of private-sector jobs and privatization of state union jobs. Finally, I stand by my assertion that special-interest campaign funding of our campaign victors remains a troubling issue.

In the immortal words of Douglas MacArthur, General of the US Army, as he retreated from the Philippines, during WW II: “I Came Through And I Shall Return.” God Bless.

James M. Olsen

Bainbridge Island

Election was a rejection of Democrats

The election is over and the American voter has once again wiped the dazzle from their eyes and voiced a strong rejection of Democratic policies. A majority of voters decided to stop the Democratic economic insanity of attempting to spend this nation out of debt.

The pundits will point to Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell as to why the tea party failed. The Republican primary was a success in electing O’Donnell and Angle. It was a culling process for eliminating liberal-leaning Republicans for the sake of maintaining principals and integrity within the party and saving America from itself. Marco Rubio stated it as a matter of fact. This election is not about embracing the Republican Party, it is about giving it a second chance. The voters took on the Democratic Party.

Naturally the liberal media and Democratic pundits will put a spin on their loss by pointing to Harry Reid and other Democrats who held on. The simple fact is the Republicans were outspent by the unions and Wall Street in those very blue states.

Now you hear from the Democrats that “Corporations are buying elections.” In 2006 and 2008 it was the unions that bought elections, while in 2010 there is one glaring statistic ignored by the Democratic voter. Wall Street’s contributions to Congress for Democrats was $11.4 million and for the Republicans $3.2 million. (Center of Responsive Politics). Class warfare against the rich and Republicans is an almost insurmountable fraud on the uninformed voters which Democrats promote.

Pragmatic voters wonder how Democratic incumbents can be re-elected in states which have insurmountable debt. California, Washington and Nevada are the poster children of governmental failure. Their hopes of the federal government bailout are no longer a guarantee. Buying votes with entitlements is over and fiscal responsibility for the sake of the nation will be the substance of this congress.

Dean Jenniges


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