Letters to the Editor

From June 24, 2006

Ferry terminal

Safety issues

not solved

Recently there was a letter by James Carender (May 27) about the hazardous situation at the Bremerton ferry terminal; it is extremely inconvenient, to say nothing of dangerous, to try to pick up foot passengers from Seattle as well as drop them off.

Some time ago, I alerted one of the City Council members about this situation, who was equally concerned about this unacceptable situation. I also contacted the Bremerton Mayor’s office and was informed that there will be a pick-up/drop-off place available at the Kitsap Credit Union builindg when it becomes completed; Oh, good, passengers will “get to” cross the street for this service, making it especially difficult for elderly persons to deal with maneuvering across the street. It is unfortunate that this dilemma wasn’t taken into consideration when the “new” terminal was constructed.

Hopefully, at some point in time, this problem will be rectified; meanwhile, it behooves passengers to be very careful to avoid possible tragedy.

Ellen Liebe Dunlap


Sheriff’s office

Jones, Boyer have made great sheriffs

Adele Ferguson hit it right on the head (in her column) “Well-liked Boyer has people’s vote of confidence” (June 10). We too believe that Sheriff Boyer has done an excellent job as the Sheriff of Kitsap County, and we will continue to support him. We don’t understand what his underlings want, they seem to delight in creating chaos and destruction in the very organization that they owe their livelihoods and allegiance to.

We always supported Sheriff Pat Jones. He was an outstanding sheriff for his entire venue. We always knew that he was unfairly treated by his department and until we read his letter, we had no idea of the extent of the vicious accusations and actions leveled at him. Even to banning his two tiny toddlers from attending future Deputy Sheriff’s Guild Children’s Christmas parties. It is no wonder that his health was destroyed or near destroyed by all the stress. We did not agree to all the frivolous claims that the county paid out to his detractors. They should all have been fired instead of being rewarded with tax money.

We want to thank him for his selfless service to this county. He is a good man and deserved much better.

Alvina and William Ballinger


Sheldon: Beyond partisan politics?

The Realtors’ monthly luncheon served up an excellent menu of speakers; one in particular impressed me as being cordon bleu -- Sen. Tim Sheldon, Democrat for the 35th District.

Sen. Sheldon differentiated himself from the common blue plate special politicos we too often see glad-handing one another while dining at the public trough. Sheldon’s voting record actually reflects the needs and desires of the people he represents; possibly to a degree that angers some of his fellow senators who appear compelled to place party politics above their constituents’ best interests.

Sen. Sheldon, as the Michelin guide would record it — definitely deserves a five-star rating.

It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to get to know the senator and discuss problems facing the state and this district — and possible solutions.

Helen Miller


It’s no wonder Tim Sheldon’s Republican friends are praising him and complaining about his lack of support among Democrats. They recognize one of their own. He campaigned for Bush and sides with Republicans on nearly every issue. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck and calls itself a swan, nobody is fooled.

Gene Bullock


Gorst DAV Post


will rebuild

Seeing what was done to the Gorst Disabled American Veterans Post on the evening news was less appalling than seeing it in person. Perhaps it’s an easy place to ransack due to its location off the main road to Belfair. Perhaps it’s because we have a sack of vermin in this country who don’t deserve to live here.

Only vermin and filth who give no care and have no fear would trash a place long the second home for those who cared enough to give arm, leg, limb and life to bestow freedoms on the undeserving. These brainless idiots have their day but we the veterans will have the last victory.

Harry Tachell, U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran, and his beloved wife Dotty showed me the grace and quiet resolve that will turn the work of filth, into the work of faith. Post 22 has been here before this, it will be here still and on a stronger foundation.

Veterans and active troops, your brothers and sisters of Post 22 need you now. Show them they will not work alone. Call Harry at (360) 275-9111.

Dan Rush

U.S. Navy veteran


Minimum wage

Senate lacks logic

So let me get this straight.

Republicans refuse to raise the nine-year-old federal minimum wage because:

1. (Supposedly) Only teenagers make minimum wage and ...

2. It’s bad economics for the government to ensure employers pay a living wage.

But the same Republicans in the U.S. Senate want to raise the exemption from this and similar laws from $500,000 companies to companies that make more than $1 million per year. And why? Because that amount lags behind inflation.

Kind of like the minimum wage does, huh?

Melanie Malcolm Delker


Animal welfare


neutering the responsible choice

If your cat hasn’t been spayed/neutered yet, please do it right away. Don’t contribute to cat overpopulation. Why would you allow more kittens to be born when there are no homes for most homeless cats now?

If your cat does have kittens, it’s your responsibility to care for them by making sure every kitten (and Mom, too) is altered before going to a new home. Get help from a rescue group or shelter who will make sure they are fixed before adoption. Kittens can be safely altered at two pounds (usually 8 to 9 weeks old). There is no excuse.

If only everyone would realize how serious this is — lives are at stake — and stop overpopulating with litter after litter of kittens. Just because you give them away easily doesn’t mean most of them will have good homes.

Many people think of kittens as cute, but lose interest when they grow up in a few months. These cats are abandoned because they are no longer cute kittens. These people will get another kitten and repeat the cycle. Meanwhile, more unaltered cats are homeless.

Think of the poor, lonely adult cats at the shelter who would love to have a good home but probably won’t because no one wants them. This is shameful — how can we treat our cats this way?

Lives are lost because there are too many cats and not enough homes or room at shelters. New cats come in daily — there are only so many cages. What do you think happens?

We can do something to help. We are all the cats have. Please spay/neuter your cats to help save homeless cats’ lives.

Linda Dennis


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